Georgia Student Scholarship Organization

Step 1:

Submit your Pledge to begin the donation process

Step 2:
DOR Approval

GA Dept. of Revenue will send you a letter upon approval

Step 3:

Donate on the GaSSO Website

Step 4:

Complete Scholarship application on GaSSO Website
(For Parents Only)

Step 5:
Tax Receipt

GA Tax credit receipt will be provided in January

GaSSO Scholarship Process Details

Complete the GaSSO pledge form. GaSSO will then submit your pledge to the GA Dept. of Revenue for approval.
Create your GaSSO Account to update and manage their personal information, track submission, approval status, funding amounts and scholarship awards. Do not delay or you could miss out!

DOR Approval
When your pledge is approved, you can expect an approval letter from the GA DOR and an email notification from GaSSO with your approved donation amount, your letter ID, and your Certificate number.

You have 60 days to donate from the date of your approval letter or email notification.

Scholarship Application
Parents complete scholarship application for their child's school.

Tax Credit Receipt
Tax Receipts will be provided in January for the previous year's tax filing.

Program Info

In 2008, the Georgia General Assembly passed the original legislation creating the Georgia Qualified Education Expense (QEE) Tax Credit Program. Under this program, individuals and corporations can make tax-credit donations to authorized non-profit organizations which then fund scholarships at private schools in Georgia, including schools recommended by the donors.

The Georgia QEE Tax Credit Program allows individuals, married couples and businesses to claim dollar-for-dollar tax credits on their Georgia income tax for scholarship donations made through a qualified SSO, up to the following limits:

  • For individuals who are single, up to $2,500;
  • For married couples filing separately, up to $2,500;
  • For married couples filing jointly, up to $5,000;
  • For C Corporations, up to 75 percent of their Georgia income tax liability;
  • For members of limited liability corporations (LLCs), shareholders in Subchapter ‘S’ corporations, and partners in partnerships, up to $25,000.

The amount of tax credits that can be taken is limited to the donor’s tax liability or actual donation amount, whichever is less.

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