Georgia Student Scholarship Organization

New Legislation has increased the Georgia SSO Scholarship Program Beginning in 2023!


New legislation (HB517) has passed, increasing the amount you may contribute as well as increasing the Tax Credit cap for the State.

This will likely result in exceeding the Tax Credit cap on the first day in January, when all pledges are initially submitted.  

This makes it imperative to pledge the maximum because, when the tax credit cap is reached or exceed, there will be no more pledges accepted throughout the year, limiting your school's ability to increase their scholarship balance.

Also, you will NOT be able to reapply for more!

Exceeding the tax credit cap will result in all pledges being prorated (reduced) down to meet the cap limit.  By not pledging the maximum, you risk not be able to contribute the amount you wish to your school.  This will result in a reduced scholarship balance for your school.

Remember, there is NO OBLIGATION to fund the entire amount. It is very important to always pledge the maximum and pledge early every year!

See our FAQ and the video on the homepage for more information.